Why Volunteer?

Whether you are collecting tickets and pouring beer at Oktoberfest or planning a budget to revitalize the community, volunteers are what keep Old Town going. Beyond helping at events, volunteers help the continued growth and economic development of Lansing’s cultural hub. And volunteers are needed at all levels; from giving a few hours at a local festival to serving on one of Old Town’s several committees.

Check out Some of our volunteer opportunities

  • Festivals and Events
  • Festival of the Moon and Sun Planning Committee
  • Oktoberfest Planning Committee
  • ScrapFest Planning Committee
  • Business Development Team
  • Promotions Team
  • Organization Team
  • Design Team
  • Old Town Board of Directors


"It's always great when you can get involved with volunteering in something that you can enjoy."–Mike Wolf, OTCA Volunteer



Want to learn more about volunteering in Old Town? Email us at oldtown@oldtownmainstreet.org or sign up for an available volunteer spot by clicking on our events tab! 

Upcoming events

Donation goal

Collected: $1,855.00
Goal: $1,000.00
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